Why a Professional Headshot in LinkedIn Matters?

Updated: Feb 4

Whatever you put on your LinkedIn profile matters a lot. But it all starts off with the headshot that you upload.

HR practitioners, recruiters, and other business owners would agree that the first thing they look at in a LinkedIn profile is your headshot. And if it’s one that’s just cropped out of an old photo or one that you did not put any effort on, you are less likely to be considered or hired.

Experts say that the way you present yourself in a corporate headshot may actually be reflective of the way you perform as a worker or in business. If you did not put much effort into presenting yourself, then you are likely to be concerned and put in the effort for the company as well.

Note that we are not talking about what you look like. That’s least likely the concern of companies. It’s more of how you present yourself that matters to them.

Then, Why is a headshot so important?

Consider your headshot as a chance to create a first impression on your first meeting. Since we are now shifting into the digital age, it has become the norm that we don’t necessarily meet a lot of the people we do business with face to face or we can already see and sift through their online profiles before physically meeting them.

So before you even show up for that meeting, the other person may have already “met” you on your social media accounts. They would already have an idea of what you look like and have already formed an impression.

How do I take a good headshot for LinkedIn?

Now that you are aware of the impact of a corporate headshot, several questions may be hovering up in your head. Should you smile? Is it better to look serious?

Keep in mind that your LinkedIn account is a business profile. What you’re aiming to achieve here is a look that exudes confidence and at the same time approachability. So the smile shouldn’t be too wide, but you shouldn’t look too serious as to come off as unapproachable.

Being comfortable is actually key to taking a good corporate headshot for your LinkedIn profile. Before taking the photo, make sure that you feel good about yourself. Imagine how you’d present yourself to another person you’re meeting the first time. Consider it as a first greeting with a firm handshake. This usually does the trick in creating a good mix of confidence and approachability in your corporate headshot.

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