What Makes a Good Headshot?

Updated: Feb 11

A good headshot is composed of several factors. Some are in your control, others are dependent on the photographer. Great lighting, professional equipment, solid camera are the main ingredients to get an amazing picture. Then there's the client and the decisions they took as they approached their headshot studio session.

Did you get enough rest? Are you feeling relaxed? Stress can show up in a picture. You want to get your headshots done when you are in a good space and able to focus on yourself. It only takes 30 minutes to make it happen. Carve out that time to make it all about you. This picture will be used to represent you and your brand.

Other ways to make sure you get a good headshot is preparing before your appointment. Do you know what color is good for you? Do you want to wear a shirt with or without a tie? Did you dry clean, press, steam your wardrobe before the shoot? Don't leave it for the morning of the appointment. A good headshot focuses on you and isn´t distracted by frumpled clothing our loud colors. Unless that is your signature, loud colors. You want the picture to be timeless, modern, and be the best representation of you.

VRTL PRO Headshots is a studio based in Miami. We travel to offices, hotels, and events around South Florida to provide headshot services for groups. Your group can be 3 or 30. We set up our professional studio on-site and deliver beautiful images for your team. Call 305-741-5028 for rates and dates.

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