Tips for Headshots Miami

Are you getting ready to get your headshots taken? Are you worried about looking silly?

Don't worry, we got you covered. It's our job to make sure all of our clients look their best when taking professional corporate headshots.

We like to keep it easy and fun. It's all about expressing your spirit and joy without going overboard on the smile. We like to promote the Smize. Smile with your eyes.

Corporate professional headshots don't have to be serious. Yes, bring your best self and best look. But we can kick back relax and lean into the picture. A little coaching goes a long way.

Are you looking to get hour headshots taken by us? We have a tip sheet to get you started. It's like getting ready for a meeting. Pick out your outfit day before. Make sure it is prepped and wrinkle free. Choose something with complimentary colors to your skin tone. You will likely be shooting against grey or white so stay away from those colors if you can. Sometimes photographers shoot you against black but that's by request. The most popular headshot background is white and grey.

Do you wear glasses all the time? Is that how people know you? If you only wear glasses to read, then you don't need them for the picture. Remember to take them off before so you avoid indentations on your nose. The bridge of your nose where the eyeglasses lean in.

We service Headshots for Business Social Media and corporate portraits. Executive portraits. Call 305-741-5028 for rates and dates at VRTL PRO Headshots.

We travel around South Florida. Surrounding areas Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton. Our studio is in Miami.


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