Professional Headshots for LinkedIn

Updated: Feb 11

Your picture on Social Media makes the first impression. When you are reaching out to grow your network and make new connections, make sure you have a headshot that represents you well. You are a professional, successful, and committed to your work.

Getting your corporate headshot taken can be super easy. It´s just a matter of making your appointment, picking an outfit, practicing at home, and come into the studio looking refreshed and ready to smize.

What is smize? That's when you smile with your eyes. It's thinking happy thoughts and expressing your joy through your eyes. So you don't force a smile with your mouth.

Our professional photographers will help coach you to get your best shot. There are tips that make it easy and effortless to get the picture that will represent you in the best way possible.

VRTL PRO Headshots is a studio service in Miami. You can call to find out appointment availability 305-741-5028. We also offer group headshots on-site at corporate offices around South Florida. We can do 3 people or 80 when we go to your desired location. Let us know what your needs are so we can provide personalized service.


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