How to Smile for Pictures?

It seems like a natural thing, we smile all our lives. Yet when it comes time to take a picture some of us freeze up. Or we have ugly smiles the way there are ugly cries. We know, it can be tricky to get a nice, easy, smile that isn't forced or looking fake. Below we give you some tips on how to smile for your headshots and portraits.

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Tips for Smiling in Your Next Photo Session:

* Try this tip first. Look down at the ground or off to the side where you can't see the camera. Think happy thoughts. Think of a joke or about something that makes you feel good. Don't worry or think about the camera. Ask the photographer to signal you when they're about to take the picture. Just before the photo is taken, look up at the camera and smile like you're saying hi to a friend. Feel it genuinely.

* Relax your lips! Don't force the smile. Don't tighten the lips. Smirking is a no-no.

* Squinching has been around for years. Smize is a term for Smiling with Your Eyes. The idea is to avoid the deer in the headlights look. Minimize the white around your eyes. You can feel your eyelids half close. You are thinking your happy thoughts and it's almost like you have a secret funny joke that you want to share but you can't. So you squinch as you think about your secret. Get the gist?

* Confidence is key here too. Step up your dental hygiene. We want your smile to be natural, and feel welcoming.

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