4 Tips for Good Hair in a Corporate Headshot

Updated: Jan 28

When updating corporate headshots, most people would pay attention to their smiles and best angles. They would usually miss out on one very important element that could actually make or break an entire image—hair.

Having great hair is like a cherry on top that complements your corporate headshot look. And while there is currently a lot going on with hair - from colors to cuts, lengths, and so on, here are some basic tips to make sure that your mane is in top shape and would look great in your corporate headshot.

1. Pay attention to your hair

First of all, you should actually pay attention to your hair. This means that it’s not just all about styling it when you take a corporate headshot. Take good care of it and maintain it even way before you take the photo. Healthy hair is more likely to look great in photos.

2. Style according to your face shape

Study the shape of your face and find out what hairstyles would best go with it. If you have a round face, you can style your hair in such a way that it creates a frame and doesn’t make your face appear too round.

This does not only hold true for women. When it comes to face shape, men can actually play with facial hair to complement their look. Facial hair can actually help highlight your jawline to add more shape to it.

3. Avoid getting a haircut or making major changes

As you anticipate taking your corporate headshot, you might be tempted to cut your hair or change hair color. These urges grow stronger as the day draws nearer. When you feel this way, you have to get a hold of yourself.

If you let yourself loose, you might end up having a terrible haircut. And these major changes are usually very difficult to correct, especially if it’s a day or two before the shoot.

4. Go for neat and simple

Keep in mind that you are taking this corporate headshot for a business profile. Do not go overboard when styling your hair. When picking out the best hairstyle for the shoot, it is best to think neat and simple.

You have to make sure your hair is neat and well-tamed. Try to get rid of at least tame flyaway and frizz. There are several products that you can use for this. If it helps, you can pay a visit to a salon for professional styling before your shoot.

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